Farm To Table Catering


Passionate about knowing the origins of their ingredients, responsibly limiting and composting Table Nectar’s food waste, it is our intention to forge deep and mutually beneficial relationships between chef, cultivator, consumer, and planet.

We invite you to experience a different approach to catering. At our table, imaginative flavors and whole foods nutrition are perfectly balanced to provide you with food that is “filling, deeply satisfying, and soothing to the soul, but not heavy or hard to digest.”

Our cuisine is rooted in and inspired by an evolving model of food service which takes into consideration not only the health of those consuming the food, but the health and sustainability of the environments and people that cultivate and prepare it.

Through our commitment to support sustainable agriculture and local farmers and businesses, your artfully designed meal will be hand-made from fresh, local, and seasonal produce as well as free-range natural meats and clean, sustainably harvested fish.

Table Nectar is all about fresh, healthy, and flavorful ingredients that are good for their guests and good for the Earth as well. Educatedon the job and in the classroom for over a combined 20 years, both Kim and Andy are mavericks, and have learned to master their own style of California Farm-toTable cuisine with Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Caribbean and Indian influences.

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