Catering Policies / FAQ

Menu Selection

Menu selections are to be finalized no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to your event date.  Table Nectar focuses on food sourced local to the region of your event and must have time to do so in order to guarantee the freshest and cleanest sources available.

Deposits & Guaranteed Minimum Guest Count

Your cost sheet will reflect a guaranteed minimum guest count. Your non-refundable 30% deposit secures your date and our services and is based upon the guest count.  Your minimum guest count is not eligible for a reduction in guests beyond two weeks (14 days).  You will be responsible for 100% of the Guranteed Minimum Guest Count.  Table Nectar will be prepared to serve a maximum of 10% over your guest count.  The 30% security deposit is due upon acceptance of your cost sheet and menu.  An additional non-refundable 20% administrative fee is due 30 days prior to your event.  This fee covers planning and hiring.


After reviewing your cost sheet and customized menu, we are happy to schedule a tasting with you and one guest to finalize food selections, beverage and wine pairings, and event details.  If you confirm your menu and cost sheet, the tasting is on us.  If you choose to not retain Table Nectar for your event, you will be responsible for the cost of food and labor to prepare it. We will provide an itemized invoice for your tasting.

Payment & Discounts

A non-refundable 30% deposit is due upon acceptance of your cost sheet and menu to secure your date and our services.  Final payment is due within three business days of the conclusion of your event.  Any discount offered for client-supplied labor will be made on your cost sheet prior to delivery of your final invoice.  Table Nectar allows clients to incorporate their own labor for set-up and clean-up and will serve to reduce the labor cost for your event.  Table Nectar accepts payment via personal or corporate bank check, wire transfer (including wire transfer fees), cashier’s check, Paypal® (including any fees), or legal tender cash.  If none of these payment options are available to you we will accept payment by all major credit cards (including any fees).


Table Nectar has vendor accounts will all major rental companies and we can provide you with a rental quote based your event requirements. Unless otherwise arranged, the client is responsible for accepting the delivery of the rentals at your event location. The client is responsible for all charges due to shortages and damages to the rental items.

Floral Arrangements

Floral and decor centerpieces and arrangements are available for an additional cost.  The floral elements are the property of the client, vases and containers are the property of Table Nectar or their respective service provider.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverage sales are regulated by the State of California and ABC laws. Requests for events with alcohol must be submitted to Table Nectar at the time of booking reservation. We provide a full bar set up for a fee of $200.00 per bar. Bar supplies include garnishes, such as lemons, limes, olives and onions, and bar equipment such as cork screws, straws, pourers, ice scoops, etc. Water and ice for the entire event is included with the full bar set-up fee. Table Nectar can provide beer and wine, the client is responsible for providing hard liquor. Please let us know if you would like assistance determining beer, wine, champagne and alcohol quantities. We do not charge an additional corkage fee for client-supplied alcohol.  Table Nectar can also create a custom cocktail menu upon request.

Outside Food & Beverage Additions

The client is welcome to provide family-made specialty menu items and desserts, specialty mixers, and client-purchased beer and wine.  A separate table will need to made available to


If your event is cancelled less than thirty (30) days in advance, any deposits will be forfeited.

Service Charges & Gratuity

All Pricing is subject to an 18% taxable service charge and current California state sales tax. The Service Charge includes all meetings, site walk through, rental arrangements and updates, and administrative costs acquired throughout the planning process of your event. It is based on 18% of the food and beverage estimate. The Service Fee is not a gratuity. Additional gratuity is at the discretion of the client. It is never required, but always appreciated and a suggested amount will be included on your cost sheet.  The State of California requires that the full invoice be taxed, including labor, service, and gratuity.

Excess Food

Table Nectar rejects the notion that excess food that is NOT exposed to guest contact is waste.  The client is welcome to any and all leftover items that have not been plated or presented at your buffet.  Table Nectar will utilize the clients appropriate plastic, aluminum, paper, or glass storage containers.  Arrangements can be made to donate food not exposed to guests.

Recycling, Garbage, and Food Waste

Table Nectar will recycle bar glass, any recyclable items, and compost food waste from plates as well as compostable items.  We will also bag garbage for deposit into the client’s home waste receptacles or remove it for disposal off site.  Arrangements must be made in advance for the appropriate handling of waste. For large events over 200 guests a waste service fee will be assessed that is fair and equitable.

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